Thursday, August 4, 2011

Click Here and Start Earn Money Online Now

now earn money online is not out of reach . only click view the ads and earn money online safe and secure job . i am presenting a site that is much trust able and demanded in the people . many friends around me earning safe money through this site .

it is very easy way to register in this site

first open the link

and following the instruction to make a perfect registration

there are 8 complete steps to following :

first step : registration

open the page and click on registration

Second Step: Refer Name

Use Zarin1022 as a Refer Name

after completing registrion and complete refer name

step third: login with ur user Name and password

step fourth : now this page will open before you click on Surf Ads

step five :now you found ads on the page click at one

step six: You found ads open in new page like this and count down will start like this

step seven :after completing countdown it would be done and you need to click again your ads status it would be red by line

setp eight : click on my status and can see how much earn you at this day

you can open this site for click daily after 24 hours but dont make another account in one computer other wise it will be disable .

use this link for registered yourself in :

read terms and condition and other information for your own interest.

take care and best of luck

Zarin Amjed

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Earn 2000$ per week simple way

Here I introduced a site it is like a face book. But it is profit making site …add friends and ask them to add peoples in this way make network tree and earn per week bank account need …company send you master card in this way you can withdraw cash from any ATM… help friends and add peoples with their refer name too …here is I am helping you that how you join this network and how you add friends and how you can build a network tree …

1- first open the lick below and register your self with my refer name :

2- after registration open link

3- and after slash write your user name your user name here

for example : like this

4- and now here open a new page where you found your name in blue color

5-click at your name

6- now a page open a new registration page with your refer name send this link to your friends this way you will create a network add friends and guide friends how they can add people .

now chuck your status

open lick :

login with your user name and password that you made at

after log in

CLICK AT Genealogy

and now open your network tree

here you can see your network tree and other status ...

you can change your right leg to left leg

Thursday, November 18, 2010

How to Add RSS Feed to Website or Blog in few Minutes?

RRS (really simple syndication) is an amazing online service which makes it easier for people to view the content of any website or blog without visiting it everyday. It allows net surfers to get updates from their favorite online resources automatically without opening their websites. It makes things easier for those who have little time to get content from specified blogs or websites on regular basis. RSS feed is represented by an orange square located at every website and blog.

If you add RSS feed of any site on your site then you can get its updated posts with their hyperlinks and short description on that page. Therefore RSS feed has become an important part of every site or blog which wants to maintain its readership among massive online community. If you also want to know that how to add RSS feed to your blog or website then consider the following points to add RSS feed to your website.

1- First off search the webpage you want to create feed for and copy its URL.

2- Secondly go to any RSS feed creation program which is easily available online.

3- In every RSS feed creation tool you will see a ‘submit feed URL’ or ‘Feed URL’ text box. Paste the URL in that text box and click ‘Generate Feed’ (or similar) button. It will generate feed (code) in seconds.

4- Take the RSS code and insert into your site according to its own method and enjoy reading updated content from that website.
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